Innovation & Experiment




 Innovation and Experimentation 

 Class and Subject

 Learning  objective  initially envisaged

 Learning  objective realised or not

 Name of Innovator/Experimenter with designation

1 Yoga and Physical  exercises  during morning  assembly  for  5 minutes  during   the  month April 2009  suggested  by the Principal , KV, Anantapur    I  TO  X  Physical Education and Yoga  To increase   mental alertness  and physical stress    Yes, realised  PET
  02 Playing  Musical Instruments   III  to VIII  Skill in  using  musical  instruments    Yes, realised Mr.M.Muralikrishna, Music Teacher.
 03  CCA  activities  -- Class wise ( minimum  twice in a month)      I to  X  To overcome  shyness and increase  confidence level in participation  in CCA    Yes, realised

All  the class teachers and CCA incharges